The modern loyalty and discount market is looking like a global mobile communications ecosystem having no automatic roaming.

All brands and retailers offer closed-in programs that are absolutely incompatible with each other. Consumer is no longer able to master such extensive offer even at the regional level. Coalition programs, aimed to minimize this friction by unifying of user interface and widening loyalty borders, cope with this role only in part. Despite the coalition programs boom in recent years and popularity of such business model, coalitions have not been able to carry out the task of loyalty decentralization and simplifying access to a variety of offers from different brands and retail networks. This has been clearly shown by the following recent study: Bond Brand Loyalty Report ‘2017 called «THE BATTLE FOR LOVE & LOYALTY» (in collaboration with VISA) stating “MEMBERSHIPS ARE UP, WHILE MEMBER ENGAGEMENT IS AT CAPACITY”.

In fact, the situation is even worse, since their figures show slight decline instead of stagnation. The number of active memberships have declined from the average 7.8 active memberships per user out of 10,9 (72%) in 2014 down to 6.7 active memberships out of 14.3 (just 47%) in 2017.


In just a few years the world of rewards will be radically changed, and those who will catch an opportunity to become own the main tokenized instrument in this new global world will not remain disappointed!

Now you have a unique opportunity to be involved in the foundation of a new global loyalty ecosystem, driven by buyers, rather than by retail networks and loyalty alliances. Only the modern customer-oriented approach can lead the market to a new horizon in terms of attractiveness, usability and gross turnover.

What we bring to consumers

  • Lower complexity of sign-up for reward

  • Single entry point for numerous Loyalty and Reward programs

  • Smooth earn & reward around the world

  • Friendly cross-border rewards for tourists and business travelers

What we bring to businesses

  • Higher customer envolvement, thanks to unified mobile application

  • Save on rollout & OPS. of your loyalty and reward program

  • Earn on conversion of points miles and other instruments to/from LiqBo®

  • Extend your customer base, thanks to a new level of cooperation eliminating a need of complex partnership agreements with other loyalty and reward programs

Over $48 Billion Worth of Consumer Loyalty Reward Points Dispensed Each Year in the US alone, Yet One-Third Are Never Cashed In

Out of roughly $48 billion worth of perceived value in reward points and miles American businesses issue annually, at least one-third, representing $16 billion in value, goes unredeemed by consumers, according to the study, titled 2011 Forecast of U.S. Consumer Loyalty Program Points Value. (The 2011 study from SWIFT EXCHANGE and COLLOQUY)

According to the COLLOQUY’s biennial report on the scope of U.S. customer rewards programs "American households hold memberships in 29 loyalty programs spread among the retail, financial services, travel and various other economic sectors, but are active in just 12 of them. The corresponding household membership figures in the 2013 census were 22 and nine." According to 2011 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census study “Out of roughly $48 billion worth of perceived value in reward points and miles American businesses issue annually, at least one-third, representing $16 billion in value, goes unredeemed by consumers”

The Liquid Bonus® Loyalty Aggregation Medium directly addresses this by sharing of the widely adopted economy model of conventional loyalty programs with additional economic incentive that allows users to collect the LiqBo® Tokens from different loyalty market players and easily ‘monetize’ them by rewarding at their next purchase elsewhere. By implementing of the Liquid Bonus® Medium we strive for a much lower cost than the current business models of centralized loyalty programs can reach and much higher throughput rate and performance than the current open Blockchain networks allow.

Interoperable Loyalty Token

Attention! A LiqBo® Token is NOT yet another stuff based on ETH. We shall introduce and launch the new generation of Blockchain loyalty infrastructure with appropriate LiqBo utility tokens used for global international loyalty and rewards. If you sign and donate today, your pool of temporary ERC tokens will be later incapsulated into the global Loyalty Media infrastructure as a 'global loyalty token' used for numerous interoperable loyalty and reward programs around the world. Join us today to help us generating global loyalty and reward turnover tomorrow!

In order to unify the application and erase the circulation boundaries for reward points, miles and other proprietary utilities, the interoperable Liquid Bonus® or LiqBo® Token has been introduced. LiqBo® Token is the utility token aimed for abstracting from (sometimes replacing of) points, stamps, miles and other valued legacy bonus points. Thus every customer shall be able to get LiqBo® Tokens as reward in the context of any existing loyalty program or even from a standalone shop and exchange them for discounts at any point of sale that is ready to accept LiqBo® Tokens.

If we examine the loyalty programs’ attractiveness for the customers by classifying them according to program design and redemption options, then the absolute leadership shall be given to coalition loyalty programs having cash back or direct rebate options available for consumers. In addition to it, the special buyers’ attention is always paid to a gift option, getting earnings at someone's store and redemption at another's and other bonus circulation options.

The Liquid Bonus® Loyalty Aggregation Medium directly addresses this by sharing of the adopted economy model of conventional loyalty programs while providing an economic incentive that allows users to collect their LiqBo® Tokens from different loyalty market players and easily ‘monetize’ them by rewarding at their next purchase elsewhere. Moreover, acquirers and(or) owners of the LiqBo® Tokens not only have an opportunity to get and reward them at any time, but also in the event of a long non-use of accumulated stake, they may increase their "bonus savings" due to the market growth of the LiqBo® Token’s value. So we hope that in the near future collected bonus points and miles will not be considered as a limited-usage expiring tools but rather as a liquid and profitable assets.


Join The Liquid Bonus Token Sale!

THE TOTAL TOKEN SUPPLY IS FIXED AT 1 billion (1 000 000 000) LiqBo Tokens of which

480 000 000 (48% equivalent 32 000 ETH) available in tokensale
370 000 000 (37%) reserved for internal use by the decentralized loyalty ecosystem and shall be imported into the hi-speed Liquid Bonus Loyalty blockchain at commercial launch (these tokens shall not be traded as ERC20)
150 000 000 (15%) reserved for the team and advisers

Purchase methods accepted: ETH (others upon demand!)
1 Liquid Bonus (LiqBo) Token is just 1/15 000 ETH today

Less Than 5 ETH Less Than 10 ETH From 10 ETH
Pre-ICO 20% bonus 40% bonus 50% bonus
ICO 0% bonus 10% bonus 20% bonus

To encourage the community, Liquid Bonus ICO offers Affiliate Program aimed at awarding our eager supporters with extra awards – you shall get additional 10% LiqBo Tokens deposit made from your referrals. Please signup now and check for more details.


FINSTICK Innovations

FINSTICK Innovations LLC is a startup aimed to play a valuable role in the emerging blockchain industry. Despite the Liquid Bonus Ecosystem is the first project taken by our team in its current composition, our experts have numerous state-of-the-art developments and few patents behind. All our achievements have already found their successful application and now providing valuable competitive advantages to those who exploit them.

Our special prides are:

  • Successful commercial experience in the development of high-load queuing systems, implementing mission critical applications aimed for remote smart card administration and management. Our best practice was capable of serving hundred millions of subscribers on mobile network;
  • Early implementation of mobile payments and mobile banking using the modern cryptographic capabilities of SIM cards. Its first commercial launch of our solution has been made in 2002;
  • One of a kind patented system for delivering of multimedia content to millions of heterogeneous and incompatible mobile terminals and smartphones based on Symbian, Java, iOS and Windows.

Our employees and partners are bearing of the best practices of software design and development, optimization of algorithms, conceptualization and integration of complex IT systems.

Our team

Core team


  • Sergei Loukine

    & Business Development

    Sales and Bussiness Development Director at Mavenir Systems
    ex- Global Business Development Director at Nokia

  • Djellali Mokhtari

    Payment Innovations

    General Manager at Valorise FZ LLC
    Mobile Money Expert at Aikku Associates
    ex- Marketing Payment Manager at Orange Labs
    ex- Vice president of Swapcom supervisory board (acquired by Sicap)

  • Jane Strachey

    Marketing and Communications

    Freelance marketing and communications Greater New York City Area
    ex-Marketing and Communications Director Netsize, a Gemalto company

  • Alexey Smelov

    Business development

    part of MegaFon Group
    ex- International Business Development Director
    Eyeline Communications
    ex- New Technologies and Services Director
    Mobile TeleSystems

  • Nicolas Lavabre

    Payment & secure environment testing

    Managing Director at Mellonne Consulting (Meyreuil, France)
    ex- Senior Consultant at Smart Consulting
    ex- Global Technical Consultant at Gemalto


  • 2004

    Trafficland Limited incorporated, focusing on remote smartcard management, server VAS platforms and services for MNOs and mobile banking applications

  • 2007

    CNEWS Awards for mobile banking application, patent for an invention “Media broadcasting system for mobile networks” received

  • 2012

    Developed and launched commercially a high-load queuing OTA system, implementing remote mission critical smartcard applications for hundred millions of mobile subscribers

  • 2017

    Liquid Bonus® – successful Proof of Concept solution have been setup and lab-tested, FINSTICK Innovations focusing on blockchain and fintech applications incorporated

  • 2018

    Liquid Bonus® ICO to fuel further development of Liquid Bonus® Medium, its limited commercial operation and initial LiqBo® Token circulation

  • 2019

    Migration of to the full commercial operation of the Liquid Bonus® Medium and global LiqBo® Token circulation

  • What's next?

    The №1 global interoperable ecosystem for loyalty exchange and LiqBo® Token circulation


How do you see the main economic potential of this solution?

We have discovered a number of essential drawbacks of almost every loyalty program such as:
- expensive for roll-up and operation;
- use of a limited time / limited coverage, non-refundable utilities enabling very narrow possibilities for retail customers;
- self-sufficiency and isolation from each other thus making redemption process tricky and requiring special attention;
As a consequence, "American households hold memberships in 29 loyalty programs spread among the retail, financial services, travel and various other economic sectors, but are active in just 12 of them. The corresponding household membership figures in the 2013 census were 22 and nine." (according to the COLLOQUY’s biennial report on the scope of U.S. customer rewards programs) and “Out of roughly $48 billion worth of perceived value in reward points and miles American businesses issue annually, at least one-third, representing $16 billion in value, goes unredeemed by consumers” (according to 2011 COLLOQUY Loyalty Census study)

As a Loyalty Provider, why should I take part in creation and operation of another system, if I can proceed with conversion using a national currency?

This is a very reasonable question. The answer stands behind the economy model. The whole Liquid Bonus® Loyalty Aggregation Medium is based on the inexpensive Blockchain technology and supported by Smart Contract functionality. Thus every single loyalty provider can decide if this time operational margin is mainly targeted & transaction fee must be set to its maximum value, or it may be set to a lower value or even zeroed for optimized offering. For the case when traditional banking settlement is applied for either conversion of bonus points to a national currency or an inter-loyalty clearance (conversion from one loyalty medium to another), any loyalty provider or consumer will have to cover much more expensive and mandatory transaction fee set by a 3d Party (bank or exchange) thus remaining out of loyalty provider’s control and making no impact on loyalty providers’ revenue growth.

Why do you think that most of loyalty programs & service providers shall be interested?

We believe that the immediate involvement of major loyalty market players is a controversial thing. Nevertheless, taking into account the great potential of the blockchain technology together with analysis of what has happened and is happening to financial markets and crypto-currencies, we are sure that after a certain period of time required for adoption and determining the most appropriate way of using it for the sake of loyalty systems’ evolution, vendors, loyalty networks and coalitions will certainly discover numerous benefits from using it together with new opportunities for further development.

Small retailers and vendors are interested in cost-effective loyalty and reward programs to start from, strong market players and loyalty coalitions are looking forward to unlock the market potential in terms of one third of initially involved but uncovered customers and the end-users would very appreciate a unified tool allowing them to limit the number of entry points to their subscribed loyalty programs. We have no doubts that the market will take and appreciate this innovation.

This is probably a good solution for particular local market. Personally I do not see how it is possible to change something on the long-established and mature loyalty market in my country.

The point is that this solution is aimed for the global market. No country is an exception, but all are special cases since loyalty scenarios are always being created based on regional specificity. We understand the US market is very different from the European one and Asia is a completely different case, but the fact is that loyalty market is very fragmented due to the lots of programs and regional limitations. As a matter of fact, many loyalty programs are ignored over time even by their checked-in customers since they simply fail to find the right loyalty card or credentials at the right time... and this is not yet a story about frequent travelers who rarely re-use their loyalty subscription abroad even with large international partnership loyalty projects. The major exception, perhaps, are airline alliances which, in turn, fail to answer their customers’ demand every time they would like to.

With this project, we intend to launch something like a "Bitcoin for loyalty". This is an interoperable utility token for loyalty called Liquid Bonus® or LiqBo® which shall not depend on any existing loyalty program or coalition, have no regional influence and do not pretend for re-execution of loyalty business scenario(s). This is just a crypto-token aimed for conversion of “loyalty anything” into “anything loyalty”, for example, frequent flier miles into retail points and vice versa...

We understand that very likely large loyalty market players will not take this idea at the beginning, but having hundreds of millions of interested consumers and a large number of small shops and market players who have not yet been ready to feed a million bucks into the IBM's money box to put themselves on a cool loyalty track, we feel that 'critical mass' can be reached in about three to five years of hard work which we intend to do.

I see you have started just a few months ago but ICO is full of scam now. Why should I prefer your project from others and why do you think you will be able to build and launch such a complex system as you claim it?

At first I have to mention that our team is leaded by two co-founders, each having a unique innovation background which is неоднократно подкреплен by publications, патентами на изобретения и успешными инновационными проектами.

Secondly, we are backed by Trafficland Limited, former startup, successful software house and B2B service provider with the proven track record of commercial rollouts including mobile payment infrastructure, location-based service solution, mobile media multicasting platform and unique over-the-air (U)SIM card management solution allowing to carry-out mission critical operations like online swapping of mobile subscribers’ IMSI in a mass-operation mode.

And finally, we have a comprehensive international team of supporters and advisors who have already spent their time to review our project documentation and gave us their positive feedback together with their valuable remarks.


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